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Purchase deer Lures, cover scents and deer calls. Mohr's Widow-Maker buck lures and scents are used by hunters who know big buck.  

 Island Exotic Hunts  Mohr's Widow-Maker Scents and Calls

Island Exotic Hunts are a unique hunting experience, taking place on a 150 acre
island in the Susquehanna River - No fences! This is a one day hunt for hunters of all ages and experience, with your weapon of choice - No license required. Animals available are hogs, exotic rams, goats and sheep.

Mohr’s Widow-Maker products are quite simply “the best”! Our products are handled by sporting goods stores, and sporting goods departments wherever whitetail deer are hunted. If you cannot find what you are looking for in your favorite store, we will be glad to sell directly to you!

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Taxidermy Pieces & Bulk Urine

We also offer bulk urine and a variety of furs, skulls, bones  and other wildlife items. Call or email us for more information as well as shipping arrangements.

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